Duration: Physical therapy treatment for approximately 12 weeks, 6 months return to sport

Week 0-4
PROM flexion to 90
PROM ER only to neutral

Week 4-6
Progress ROM (slowly)
Isometrics for ER and IR
AVOID end range ER/IR!!

Week 6-8
Progress to full PROM
AROM flexion to 90

Week 9-12
Stretching, isotonics

(protocol from Alison Deichert Kinney PT, DPT)

Another protocol mentioned by Pennington et al describes additional aspects such as non-weighted overhead activities at weeks 6-9. All other treatments were similar between the two protocols. 26 of the 28 patients involved in this study returned to sport and 23 of these returned to sport without limitations.

Exercises: Rotator cuff strengthening, scapular stabilization exercises, stretching, throwing program may be initiated at 4-5 months

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